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quietearth [Film Festival 05.06.09] movie trailer news drama

I missed this one in the Berlinale lineup but now that there's a trailer I can see some serious potential. Out of Germany, this initially looks like a tale of love but delves into the dark which is enshrouded in the light.

Distanz tells an existential story of violence and love which equally disturbs and touches through its unconditional nature.

Living in seclusion from the rest of the world, Daniel Bauer goes about his job as a gardener in the botanical gardens. A rather inconspicuous young man who, however, regularly breaks out of his motionless daily routine and commits indiscriminate acts of violence. When he gets to know Jana, a forlorn young woman, a tentative relationship develops between the two foreign bodies. She sees everything in the shy Daniel that she always wanted from a man. But even Janas love can't keep him away from his acts of violence and soon the situation escalates.

Trailer after the break.

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