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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.05.09] post apocalyptic news scifi horror video game

As I'm no video game expert, this post is just meant to be a little reminder to you Fallout 3 fans that Broken Steel, one of the largest, most ambitious downloadable content blitz's for any game to date, is hitting from Bethesda today. Here's a quote from Broken Steel's lead designer about the creation of a new character called "The Super-Mutant Overlord:"

"If we were to increase the level cap to 30, we first needed to figure out which factions we wanted to support the new cap. Super Mutants were one creature we knew we had to support. The decision was made to keep the Super Mutant Behemoth at the top, so we needed to fill the gap between the Behemoth and the Super Mutant Master. Thus was born the Super Mutant Overlord - a creature much stronger than a Super Mutant Master and one that is beginning to take on the shape and form of a Behemoth. Its posture is beginning to show signs of the Behemoth with its large, thick neck and slightly forward head. Given enough time, the Overlord would eventually grow to become a Behemoth."

The new content is available for download today, May 5, 2009 from the official Fallout 3 website. Also, we've got the Broken Steel Trailer for you after the break. Game on!

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

oh yes, many yes!


Ben Austwick (13 years ago) Reply

I'm really going to have to crack on and finish Fallout 3 so I can play all the expansions!

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