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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.04.09] post apocalyptic movie news scifi noir

Sounding more like The Godfather than Escape from New York, Philippe Martinez’s post-apocalyptic thriller, Tribes of October, may be looking to mix two genres that don't really feel like they belong together. It will however, have a pretty stellar cast. According to THR (via scificool), Ray Stevenson, Jaime King, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall, and James Caan have all signed up for the intriguing sounding film.

In a battle of biblical proportions under an eternally crimson sky in post-apocalyptic New York city, detective Michael Hillburn must cross the city on the most dangerous night of the year to avenge the death of a fellow officer and save May Kelly, the girl he loves, from the clutches of the elusive crime boss, Lord Akuma.

We've also got the very first look at the film's sales art for you (which includes a much lengthier synopsis). It's heavily pulpy and obviously more influenced by comic books and film noir than it is by any past apocalyptic visions so I wouldn't expect Tribes of October to be approaching the apocalypse in an realistic way. This could be extremely original and a real blast though. Looking forward to more info.

Want to read the full synopsis? Then go here.

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