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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.01.09] movie news scifi comedy

TiMER, takes a scoop of mid-life crisis and adds a dollop of Logan's Run to create a nifty scifi rom-com that could be an underground hit. Having just had it's premiere at Tribeca this year, I was hoping we'd see a trailer soon... and here it is.

When implanted in a person's wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Oona O'Leary faces the rare dilemma of a blank TiMER. Her soul mate - whoever and wherever he is - has yet to have a TiMER implanted. Staring down the barrel of thirty and tired of waiting for her would-be life partner to get off the dime, Oona breaks her own rules and falls for Mikey, a charming and inappropriately young supermarket clerk with a countdown of four months.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

The timer thingy is quite interesting, with strong sci-fi vibe, but the movie seems less exciting.
Usual goofy chick flick. It's good to see Emma though.


sonaboy (14 years ago) Reply

I may be alone here (or showing my inner dirty old man) but they seriously need to change that title logo.
I looked at it and my brain generated "Titter."

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