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quietearth [Celluloid 04.28.09] movie news horror

My first introduction to Czech filmmaker Juraj Herz was the recent R1 dvd release of The Cremator an I've been keeping an eye on his next, Darkness. Apparently he had 5 other screenplays written but had to go with this one because those were political in nature. Written by Martin Nemec the story is one of a very popular nature lately, a family retreating to a house out in the middle of nowhere where supernatural troubles ensue.

Mark, a young man from Prague, decides to quit his hectic and superficial town life and moves to the countryside, to the house where he spent his childhood, but was forced to leave under bizarre circumstances. His intention to start a new life and devote his time to the painting is constantly disturbed by odd events and happenings. A lost girl, tacit apprehensions and uneasiness of the village people, legends about burial place, death of his parents in the past which appears not to have been an accident, his sister locked for many years in a madhouse awake the souvenirs of longtime forgotten shadows of his childhood, nightmares and doubts. During his search he gets deeper into things and is slowly absorbed by the darkness. Will Mark win his search of himself or will he give up to the darkness in this mystical thriller?

Teaser after the break and it has the weirdest comical music attached to it (I don't think this is a comedy).

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