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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.27.09] post apocalyptic movie trailer news scifi horror drama

Here at Quiet Earth we hear about, and report on, a lot of cool looking post-apocalyptic cinema. Some of the films we report on find their way into theaters and onto DVDs around greater North America, but a lot of them just disappear, unable to find decent distribution. Stephen J. Hadden appears to be on the lucky end of that spectrum as he's just told us that Lightning Media, a Los Angeles based motion picture distributor that often works in tandem with Anchor Bay and Lionsgate, has secured the North American and UK rights to his post apocalyptic themed horror film BIO-DEAD. Yep, that means we'll all actually get to see it, and hopefully soon.

From the release:

"We are thrilled that BIO-DEAD has found a home with Lightning Media," Hadden announced today. "I was extremely impressed with Lightning’s vast catalogue of horror, thriller and sci-fi titles. They are obviously a company that not only appreciates genre films, but also understands how to market them successfully."

Lightning Media’s recent genre releases include "The Devil’s Ground” starring Daryl Hannah, “Columbus Day” starring Val Kilmer and Wilmer Valderrama, the World War II sci-fi thriller “Warbirds”, “Kemper: The Coed Killer” based on real-life serial killer Ed Kemper, and the upcoming Finnish gorefest “Skeleton Crew”.

BIO-DEAD is slated to make its world premiere on nationwide video-on-demand in August ‘09. The DVD shall be released by one of Lightning’s partners shortly thereafter.

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