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quietearth [Celluloid 04.27.09] zombies movie news comedy

Admittedly, this poster is horrendous, but the stills available off the website are not. The story sounds like a loser-turned-hero kind of thing and I'm sold. The film is directed by Ren Blood (it looks like his first feature as far as IMDB is concerned) and stars William Cutting as Ed.

Ed (William Cutting) is an unattractive, unathletic young twentysomething male with a crappy apartment, a crappy job, a crappy car and the closest he has ever come to having a girlfriend ended with her second sex change operation (back to male) being approved. Ed is known as a third class Loser, He has only two friends Pedro (Pete Mendoza) and Harry (Tom Nyman), but they are all bigger losers than he is, Ed however doesn't think things could get any worse then it can be until the day he woke up and found he had turned into a Zombie.

Ed had been vaguely aware of the whole "Zombie isn't a lifestyle choice but a biological imperative protest" that started when he was in high school. At least he thinks it was high school as he was stoned most of his senior year. He was still thinking you had to be bitten by a Zombie or partially eaten by a Zombie or something like that to actually become a Zombie. But apparently some science guy had discovered that years and years of fluoride in the water caused some people with a certain genes to turn into a Zombie. None of this meant much to Ed until he woke one morning, looked into the mirror and as if things could get any worse he had turned into a Zombie.

Ed's loser friends are shocked that Ed had gone Zombie. They tell him that it doesn't make a difference and they will stay friends but they delete him out of their fav five on the way out the door and de-friend him from their myspace pages as soon as they can.

And thats the story where Ed's new life begins.

There's some stills over at the official website and a little video with some behind the scenes footage after the break. via our friends at Dread Central

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