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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.24.09] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

Don't judge Glen and Randa by it's low rating on IMDB. It was called one of the best films of the year by Time Magazine when it came out in 1971 and, while it received an X-rating upon release, it is not an exploitation film by any means. It's actually a thoughtful tale of a second genesis, and a parable about the loss of innocence.

Teenagers Glen and Randa are members of a tribe that lives in a rural area, several decades after nuclear war has devastated the planet. They know nothing of the outside world, except that Glen has read about and seen pictures of a great city in some old comic books. He and Randa set out to find this city.

I've only seen the film on terrible hack-and-scan VHS so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the film's amazing imagery on the digital format. It's getting released by VCI entertainment next week and you can order a copy here.

I've taken the trouble to rip some images from my VHS copy so you can have a look at the film after the break. The quality is not the greatest as the source material is from a tape that I got from a video store that has probably been played 450 thousand times (actually it's probably more like 3 times).

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wolfeyes (13 years ago) Reply

Cool! This movie is top shelf. If I had a blog, I might name it Glen and Randa.

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