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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.22.09] post apocalyptic movie trailer news scifi

Ever since Korea hit box-office gold with Typhoon back in 2006, Asia has seen a tidal wave of disaster pictures go into production. Japan's got 252: Signal of Life while Korean has Haeundae. Well, not to be outdone, Thailand's got a big budget Emmerich style disaster pic on the way called 2022: Tsunami and thanks to our pals at 24fps, we've no got trailerage!

Thailand 2022. Signs of a terrible catastrophe are lurking. Prime Minister Tribhop cooperates with Doctor Siam setting the Asia-Pacific and India Ocean base alarm centre to monitor and predict earthquakes and Tsunami. Nevertheless, the biggest disaster is abruptly and unpredictably rising from the Thai Gulf and heading towards land, and nothing can stop it. All life is swept away in an enormous tidal wave, the land is destroyed, and the only way to survive now is to battle nature itself.

Toranong Sricher directs the flick which is getting a release in Thailand at the end of the month.

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praveen (13 years ago) Reply



stephen carvalho (13 years ago) Reply

2022 movie is not a just a moive its massage to every one who is living on earth..... TSUNAMI it will come very soon very soon 16th feb 2010 somthing is going to happen god save earth......


irvan (13 years ago) Reply

saya tidak percaya


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

i think that it looks like a good movie but come on, its not really going to happen is it? think about it.


alexis hale (11 years ago) Reply

stephen carvalho betta shut up before it really happens because when it happens its goin to be your fault because you keep bringing it up p.s you betta not bring it up again

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