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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 04.15.09] movie trailer news cyberpunk interview scifi action

His political cyberpunk opus, Sleep Dealer hasn't even hit theaters yet and already director Alex Rivera is talking sequel. In a recent interview with Scifiwire, the director discussed his vision for it, admitting that if he had his way, his sophomore film would be more action packed:

"I've got nothing against action so long as the ideas are there and the film can say something true and exciting about the world, then I'd love it to have explosions [and] sex. I'd love it to have all the bells and whistles and the thrills of any sci-fi, but to me, it can never come instead of or as a replacement for the ideas and a chance to think about our future."

"I can absolutely see a killer sequel, and I'd love to explore the character of the drone pilot, the soldier who's in America but who's conducting a war around the world by remote control. I'd love to explore the water terrorists and this idea of a rebellion around control of water."

Sleep Dealer is getting a limited theatrical run in the US on April 17, 2009 so go see it if it comes to your town. It depicts a future in which technology enables workers to pilot warplanes remotely or work construction jobs virtually via nodes implanted on their bodies. Water has become scarce, and corporations control the resource.

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