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quietearth [Celluloid 04.14.09] movie news scifi animation

Adapted from Bernard Lenteric’s eponymous 1982 novel, The Prodigies (also known as The Child Kings) finished its shoot in February. It used live actors equipped with sensors which were then reinserted and reworked into the images in the graphic set. This is supposed to be a 3d animation, but it's not clear if what type of 3d that means. I've been holding off on posting news of this hoping that something more would show up, but it's been long enough. This looks and sounds like one incredible project and I can't wait for more. The film is directed by Antoine Charreyron and the book is adapted by Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière. A release is slated for September of 2010.

Central Park, New York. Five children are savagely assaulted. But these five are unlike most : They are child prodigies. From this atrocity they draw a cold and endless hatred of the world. They take revenge using their intelligence, perpetuating perfect crimes. For they are not so much five as they are one : one mind, one single will. The only person who understands this is Jimbo Farrar, fighting them with all his might. Unless he’s on their side… For as six the world could be theirs, and endless night would fall : The night of the child-kings.

Check out the sweet stills after the break!

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wwwwwwwaaawwwwwwwww!!! solo espero ke pronto esté el trailer!!!!!!!!!!
no hay maaaaaa????

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