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quietearth [Celluloid 04.14.09] movie news scifi

We all know this is by no means any type of threat to the upcoming awesomeness that is Terminator Salvation, but hey, it's still cool nonetheless.

A small band of resistance fighters battle the cyborgs that have taken control of the planet.

Thanks to Avery for the heads up.

Watch it here

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Hot Fuzz (13 years ago) Reply

Terribly awesome!!


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

"Watch out McG!"

Roflmao! Sorry for the internet speak...


peng (13 years ago) Reply

wow , its like terminator + star trek IN ONE. ASYLUM ROCKS!


musicsoup (13 years ago) Reply

they did this with transformers. can't remember what the movie is called. trans-something. i see it at blockbuster all the time. so terrible. i should rent it.

man, looking at the directors imdb page. he's first ad on mega shark vs giant octopus. man, that sounds rad!!

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