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quietearth [Celluloid 04.09.09] movie news thriller

Wow, an indie film that looks quite stunning, directed by first-timer Thomas P. Clay and starring Erica Leerhsen. I know we might want to push this in the horror category, but from the trailer it does look more like a searching thriller.

A young wife and mother of two children is challenged to overcome her passive beliefs on religion after a serious car accident. Receiving haunting images of her past she is forced to make a decision that will decide her fate. Searching for the true meaning of our existence she comes to the end of her journey and believes she has only two choices in the eyes of God; do not have faith and die or have faith and....die.

Trailer after the break. via DC and Icons of Fright

Official website

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Movieman (13 years ago) Reply

Yes, can't wait to see this one.


Angie (13 years ago) Reply

sounds like a pretty interesting movie!!!
I especially love the poster

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