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quietearth [Celluloid 04.09.09] movie anime news

Tact Aoki's 3d anime reminds me of Hurricane Katrina what with a stadium of people living in it and all. Hah. Ok, no more bad jokes, just read on.

The story is set in a future in which human civilisation has stopped advancing and has even started to decline. A girl named Hiyoko runs away from home to live in a tent city inside a stadium nicknamed “Asylum”. It’s there that she befriends Akira and a group of children who want to stop police from tearing down the stadium for their own gain. Together, the Asylum residents create a street culture event called “The Asylum Session” to stop the demolition plans.

Trailer after the break. via nipponcinema

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

What a shame this isn't 2D.

Terrible animation. Awful skinning on the models. Crappy generic cel shaders. Only thing holding it together is the lighting.



Vastarien202 (13 years ago) Reply

I agree...this would be great in 2-D; it just looks awful as is. I like the idea, but the people move like rusty Chuck E. Cheeze puppets and have zero facial expressiveness.
I really hope that this isn't the final take, and there's still time to fix this, otherwise forget it.


jobo (13 years ago) Reply

yeah it sucks! can't believe that anyone on this planet still didn't figure out that tribal tattoos are disgusting.

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