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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 04.08.09] movie review scifi dvd horror steampunk

We watch a lot of films here at Quiet Earth and, as you know, we even review some...actually, kind of a lot of them. Our correspondents are always hard at work taking time out of their real lives to attend some fest or another and bring us the good (or bad) word on cool genre movies and we wanted to make sure that their hard work got a little extra attention. They deserve it. So, until we develop a full-fledged review database (something that's slowly but surely becoming less of a twinkle in out eyes) we decided to do a "review roundup" post at the end of every month, listing the films we saw and linking to their reviews. This one for March comes a bit later than expected but better late than never.

Full list of films reviewed in March after the break.

Films we saw in March:

Everything Strange and New - A drama reviewed by Cyberhal

Bad Biology - A psycho-sexual horror comedy reviewed by quietearth

Stingray Sam - A post-modern scifi masterpiece reviews by Bob Doto

Johnny 316 - A long lost Vincent Gallo starrer reviewed by quietearth

Franklyn - A British dystopian fantasy reviewed by Ben Austwick

Make out With Violence - A strange dramatic zombie romancer from SXSW reviewed by quietearth

Becket - An absurdist's look at existentialism reviewed by Bob Doto

Breaking Upwards - A fantastic new indie romancer from SXSW reviewed by agentorange

Fingerpints - A new horror film that premiered at Paranoia Fest reviewed by Cyberhal

Midnight Movie - A decent deconstructionist scare flick from Paranoia Fest reviewed by Cyberhal

Marin Blue - A weird surreal romancer reviewed by Dr. Nathan

Modern Love is Automatic - An interesting look at modern dislocation and sexual boredom reviewed by agentorange

Lake Mungo - A great Australian horror film that takes the form of a faux documentary reviewed by agentorange

Necrosis - a new horror film that takes on the Donner Party myth and premiered at Paranoia Fest reviewed by Cyberhal

Bronson - Nicolas Refn's biopic about notorious British criminal of the same name reviewed by Ben Austwick

The Horseman - Brutal Australian revenge drama that premiered at SXSW reviewed by agentorange

Hush - A taught indie thriller set on the motorways of Britain reviewed by Ben Austwick

You Won't Miss Me - Arty relationship flick that premiered at SXSW reviewed by quietearth

Haunting in Connecticut - Big budget haunted house flick reviewed by Cyberhal

The Cremator - Juraj Herz's classic arthouse horror film from 1968 reviewed by quietearth

Arthur's Lore - British comedy short about a normal guy named Arthur who becomes the savior of the world reviewed by agentorange

After Dark Horrorfest III mega review Pt. 1 - Mini-reviews of Dying Breen, Perkins 14, Butterfly Effect 3, and Dying Breed by agentorange

After Dark Horrorfest III mega review Pt. 2 - Mini-reviews of From Within, Autopsy, Voices, and Slaughter by agentorange

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