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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.08.09] post apocalyptic movie news scifi poster dvd action

I don't know about you but when I watched the first Transmorphers (gulp, I guess that's quite the admittance) I was like, "man they should make a prequel to this and show the Go-bots... er, I mean, I mean Transmorphers destroyed the earth!

Well, as if in answer to my prayers (I'm sure it has nothing to do with any other giant robot movies coming out this summer) those wonderful people at The Asylum are making my wildest dreams come true on June 30th. Oh the joy!!

In this present day prequel, the robot invaders attack the Earth, forcing a small band of humans to seek refuge below the surface of the planet.

Unfortunately no trailer yet, but here's some cover art for you. Transmorphers 2: The Fall of Man stars Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin, and Shane Van Dyke.

So yeah... slow news day.

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