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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 03.30.09] movie news contest dvd horror

Holy mountain of entries batman!! I can honestly say that the hat (well, it's actually an old coffee can) has never been so full of names. Also, you UK readers MUST love your horror because we had more entries from your neck of the world than any other.

But anyway, without further to-do, our congrats go out to USA resident Dillon Tyrrell, UK horror fan Billy Poole and, Aussie film buff, Rosa Scaf. These three winners will all receive a complete set of all eight After Dark Horrfest III: 8 Films to Die For films.

Don't see your name? Don't worry. We have loads more contests on the horizon as well as one on right now for Cthulhu DVDs.

Still want a set of your own? You can pick one up here.

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