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quietearth [Film Festival 03.24.09] movie news drama

While I'm thinking this is a weird romantic comedy (which you all know I love), it's listed as a drama, so we'll respect that until I verify otherwise. Having it's world premier at the upcoming Cinevegas fest, Easier With Practice is a fully independent production which looks exactly my speed.

In an effort to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell sets out on a road trip with his younger brother. However, the idealism of being on the road wears off and it quickly proves to be a lonely and unfulfilling experience for Davy. One night in a motel room he gets a random phone call from a mysterious woman named Nicole. They start a funny and intimate long distance relationship that leaves Davy happier than he has been in years. Hoping there is more to the relationship then a voice and a phone bill, Davy decides he wants to meet Nicole. Ultimately, he will have to face not only the truth about their relationship but also about himself.

Trailer after the break.

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