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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.23.09] movie horror

I think I've had more heated debates about the merits of Lars Von Trier than any other filmmaker out there. Yep even more than post prequel George Lucas. Even more than Uwe Boll. Well, everyone better get prepared for even more provocative cinema as with Antichrist, the Danish director has his sights set on the horror genre.

The story sees Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg play a married couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods after losing their young son. There, they run into some "terrifying occurrences." Dafoe's character is a therapist trying to help his wife deal with her grief, and it's when that grief runs wild that things start to go weird.

Empire scored the first image from the film today and it is certainly intriguing. Looks and sounds like a cross between The Fountain and Rosemary's Baby or something. Word is it should be premiering at Cannes.

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MrWho (13 years ago) Reply

Looks nice.. Dancer in the dark is very good.


Cyberhal (13 years ago) Reply

The Idiots was my favourite. I'm a fan, looking forward to this. Long live provocation!

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