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quietearth [Celluloid 03.10.09] movie news action drama

One film I'm eagerly awaiting a trailer for is Rie Rasmussen's Human Zoo, a dual storyline set in both Kosovo and Marseille which ranges from what looks like action to love. Having premiered at Berlinale, we're still waiting but since it's getting a theatrical release on April 1st I'm expecting one any day now. On a side note, Rie Rasmussen played Angel-A in Luc Besson's film of the same name. Hubba hubba! If you haven't seen that one I'd highly recommend it.

Human Zoo is the story of a half Albanian half Serbian girl set in both the time of the worst fighting in Kosovo Serbia, as well as present day Marseille France where being an illegal immigrant is tricky when your "government deemed unfit by the international community make you so" too. Presented like a novel in the non linear storytelling of the two interwoven time lines we follow Adria through horrific executions, comical naked altercations and subtle moments of love that shape her existence in her cage without bars. From air strikes in Belgrade and the underworld of Europe, to lust at first sight that could be love, to the simple connection of just holding hands. As "a product of imaginary lines around failed states" Adria tries to find her balance looking for identity as a human female while being raised and trained in the mostly male perpetuated zoo of violence. It's not her game but she can learn...well!

Stills after the break.

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