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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.06.09] movie news scifi

Earthling is a new scifi film by Clay Liford that's heading into production next month. Besides sporting a pretty great ensemble cast including Rebecca Spence (Michael Mann's Public Enemies), Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction), William Katt (House, Carrie), Jennifer Sipes (W), and Harry Goaz (Twin Peaks), it's also got an intriguing and original premise.

After a mysterious atmospheric event aboard the International Space Station, a small group of people wake up to realize that their entire lives have been a lie. They are in fact aliens disguised as humans. Now they have to make a choice. Live amongst men, or try to find a way back home.

We first hear about the film through Fangoria who were told by the film's producer Barak Epstein that it was going to have "crazy alien gore." So is it scifi/horror? I guess we'll see. The film's full press release is after the break so have a look. We'll definitively be keeping an eye on this one.

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