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quietearth [Celluloid 03.05.09] movie news thriller crime

While I'm by no means a big Johnnie To fan, who doesn't love a good gangster flick, especially when it mixes France and Hong Kong?

Frank Yuma, a long time enforcer and hit man for an organized crime syndicate is suspected of being an informer for the FBI. The syndicate orders a hit on Frank and hires his own crew to do the job. But unfortunately for them, Frank Yuma survives.

Teaser after the break. via wildgrounds

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Richard Brunton (12 years ago) Reply

Short, but rather nice actually. I wasn't sure about the English speaking to begin with, but does work in the context of the short teaser.

I like it. Nice find.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Sorry but what kind of crappy article is this?

1) This film isn't Japanese.
2) That synopsis has nothing to do with this film.


toro (12 years ago) Reply

I really doesn't matter what kind of crappy article this was. The movie is an abomination that made me swear for like 10 minutes. It is filled with plot holes, awful special effects and most important, a close-to-death main actor. If there is a prize for an actor that cannot express anything, Johnny Hallyday would be a champion. [/rant]

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