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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.03.09] post apocalyptic movie news

According to Wynter Dark producer Pete Ford, the barren snowscapes of his post-apocalyptic fantasy will not be kind to puny humans. Not only are Polar Bears a threat (as we discovered here), but a lethal breed of post-apocalyptic mutant called "The Momen" roam the landscape looking for a nice human femur to munch on as well. Honestly, I'm starting to think that, when the apocalypse finally comes, you'd be better off if you didn't survive. Here's what Ford has to say about his creation on his wonderful production blog Unstable Marzipan

"WYNTER DARK is not a fantasy film - it's a post apocalyptic adventure film that looks like a fanatsy film - without the fluff and bluster that usually accompanies that genre.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Lord of the Rings and... and... actually, that's pretty much it.

That fact that WD isn't a fantasy film doesn't mean that it's short of fantastic characters, take these early designs for the NOMEN."

"NOMEN are deformed giants whose genetics got scrambled due to being too close to a nuclear reactor that melted down. Several hundred years later the mutations have been passed down and further twisted by in-breeding.

In the film there is a action sequence where our heroes have to pass through NOMAN territory to get to New York - here's a glimpse of that scene from the script ..."

Wynter Dark continues to look epic and insane; exactly the kind of film I'm looking for. We've been in contact with Ford and apparently he's got some pretty crazy casting news he's sitting on that he's promised will blow our minds. For more on Wynter Dark and to see more concept art of the Momen be sure to check out his site through the link above.

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