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quietearth [Celluloid 03.02.09] zombies movie news horror comedy

This low budget zombie flick looks awesome and it's almost complete. According to their myspace page the film just got sent off to do the soundtrack and should have a premier by May or April. We reported on it back in December when their was just a teaser and I was already sold.

Melvin, a high school student who doesn't fit in, becomes victim of a horrible prank, now he will seek revenge on all who wronged him... and even some who didn't.

Trailer after the break.

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Killcrop (14 years ago) Reply

Strange and a revamp of Killer Nerd..Zombie Style


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Melvin is also up on IMDB


robonerd (14 years ago) Reply

well put together trailer, has me interested in seeing the movie. where will it be shown?


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Melvin has a premiere this Friday in Eugene, OR. See all the upcoming screenings or order the dvd here...

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