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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.01.09] movie news cyberpunk scifi

Last weekend Zombies Take Charlotte put on American Zombie, a retrospective of pictures by George Romero. The man himself was there for a Q&A where he revealed that his concern for the currently changing media climate has spurred him to develop a cyberpunk sounding script so far unnamed. Here's what he is reported to have discussed on the subject:

"Romero revealed that he’s working on a script about virtual reality. He’s basing it upon advances in the tech that he’s heard about and is concerned by. Expect this to be more like eXistenZ than Virtuality or Hackers. Romero talked about people changing their appearance in virtual worlds, as well as recreation of the cross-sensational stimuli in drinking a cold drink, for example."

The concept of virtual reality is certainly nothing new but "more like eXistenZ" sounds good to me. Cronenberg's film really showed foresight when it used bio-technology. I haven't seen Sleep Dealer yet, but cinematic cyberpunk is still a little hung up on the notion that the tech is separate form the human form.

That quote was taken from an audio tape that was sent to /Film. On it, Romero also talks about all kinds of stuff zombie related so head over there to read more.

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rek (13 years ago) Reply

Since Diary it seems like he's playing catch-up. Cyberpunk died over 20 years ago, the virtual reality craze died nearly 10 years ago...


Ajay (10 years ago) Reply

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