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quietearth [Celluloid 03.01.09] news short scifi romance

Last week we wrote about the upcoming first feature from Juan Solanas called Upside Down which sounds nothing short of fantastic. Hopefully hardcore scifi, it's about one world with another inverted directly overhead. In that post we also wrote about his award winning short The Man Without A Head and one of our readers pointed out the full, highly stylish short was available online. Mostly cgi, it's set in an what looks like an industrialized world and contains stunning views along with dancing, great music, and a charming story. Really, you don't want to miss this. On a side note I've emailed Juan Solanas directly with no answer.. c'mon man!

Phelps, a solitary man who lives in a big industrial city by the sea, is very happy tonight. He is getting ready for a ball. And not any ball, a dance to which the young woman he loves has agreed to come. Tonight he will declare his flame and and it makes him feel like dancing... But there is something wrong with Phelps, at least in his own "eyes": he does not have a head! That is why he sets out to buy a head that suits him to please his lady.

Full short after the break.

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Hot Fuzz (13 years ago) Reply

What a wonderful wonderful film! Whimsical and visually striking and just really done.

Personally I would have gone with the first head that looked like Serge Gainsbourg heh.

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