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quietearth [Celluloid 02.24.09] movie news drama

Before footage for this Slamdance premier even dropped I checked out what was available at the time, and that was just stills. I wasn't impressed so I pretty much wrote this one off, but luckily I revisited it some time later to find a great surprise, one amazing looking film.

Eight haunted people meet and fall apart - looking for redemption in each other. Jim is throwing watermelons off his office roof. He's testing the effect for a possible suicide. But then there is Sue on an adjacent roof about to jump herself. They meet, delay their departure and set off searching for other ways out than down. Sue's ex-boyfriend, Dean, is struggling with his creativity. His paintings are getting panned and his poetry ripped apart. He needs a muse - and who better than Gina, the experimental prostitute with dodgy legs who lives next door. However, Dean soon finds out that Gina never does anything for free. After a short fling with Dean, Olly is lost in a world of sexual confusion when forced to look after his deaf-mute brother Chris for the day. Olly discovers that not only does Chris has gay feelings too, but is more comfortable with them than he is. They embark on a searing quest through Soho's gay community to help Chris loose his virginity. But no-one has more to hide than oldest brother Pete. He's being stalked by Carol, a timid old lady looking for her son - a guy Pete knew from his violent drug days. Fearfully Pete opens his frozen heart to Carol and they begin a treacherous journey to the woods to find her lost son. By the end, each lost soul finds a solution in darkness or in light. Connections are made or missed and longed-for families brought together for a moment of hope.

Teaser after the break. (NSFW)

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Ulrik (12 years ago) Reply

Looks great and pretty intense.


Jim Dark (12 years ago) Reply

Seen an advance promotion copy. Go and see it, you will not be dissapointed. Beutifully shot and edited, well acted. Brooding, dark, intense!!!!

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