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quietearth [Film Festival 02.24.09] movie news scifi

The good folks over at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival just gave us the heads up that Kanji Nakajima's Sundance player and cult scifi film has been confirmed for the festival. So all you lucky folks in the UK will be able to see a film high on all our lists: a complex emotional drama about a clone mixed heavily with scifi set in an imaginary future.

Kohei Takahara, an astronaut who dies in the line of duty, is legally resurrected as a clone: however, contrary to the scientists' expectations, he reverts to his childhood memories when his twin brother drowned sacrificing his life for Kohei. Kohei's clone discovers the body of his former self mistakenly believing that is is his deceased twin. Reliving his tragic past, he sets off carrying his corpse body on a journey to the beautiful hometown where he lived with his now dead mother. What shocking discovery will the second clone of Kohei make in the ruins of his hometown?

Trailer after the break.

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