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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.16.09] movie trailer news horror comedy

Yep, this full trailer for LVK has more of everything you could ever want from any film ever. More lesbians, more vampires and yep, more killing. Seriously though, we were all VERY skeptical about Phil Claydon's upcoming British horror-com but this new trailer makes it looks pretty fun.

Their women having been enslaved by the local pack of lesbian vampires thanks to an ancient curse, the remaining menfolk of a rural Welsh town send two hapless young lads out onto the moors as a sacrifice.

If Lesbian Vampire Killers looks to be right up your alley, be sure and check out the trailer for Jake Wests similarly themed but even better looking Doghouse. Can't wait for that one either.

Lesbians, vampires and killing after the break!

Lesbian Vampire Killers

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Maria Chlebova (12 years ago) Reply

I agree the other film "Doghouse" looks far better especially as the script is by comic book writer Dan Schaffer whose comic book "Dogwitch" is one of the best things ever done in this genre.

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