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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.12.09] movie news fantasy mystery

If Jean-Luc Godard enlisted Stephen Hawking to help him write a screenplay they would probably end up with something like Eric Forestier's Third Part of the World- a celestial tragi-drama where, for reasons unknown, men are sucked into the cosmos whenever they win the affections of In Bruges actress Clemence Poesy (trying to fight an obvious Bermuda triangle joke here).

Emma, a mysterious young woman, gradually discovers that she possesses a strange power: her lovers disappear once in contact with her.

Of course we assume this is all a very French metaphor for loneliness and modern dislocation but it's all extremely well done as you'll see by the trailer below. I'd love to see a hungry newcomer like Forestier give some of the country's young untouchables (*cough* Francois Ozon), who have been becoming somewhat stylistically lazy of late, a kick in the pants.

Trailer after the break.

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Barbara (11 years ago) Reply

Please tell me whare I can buy the DVD !! I am collecting every Gaspard Ulliel movies with english subscan any one help me ?!!!!!

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