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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.09.09] post apocalyptic movie news gallery

Our pals over at Row Three have managed to track down five new images from John Hillcoat's much delayed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. They don't say where the images came from but honestly it's just good to see that the project hasn't fallen off the face of the earth quite yet.

No release date has been attached to the film since the project was pushed back by Weinstein last fall. Word is slowly trickling in on various forums that the film is good hands though, so I doubt fans of the book have much to worry about. You'll find our ever growing gallery for The Road after the break and you know that if anything worth reporting on emerges about this film you'll find it here, so keep it tuned to Quiet Earth folks.

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Cap (13 years ago) Reply

Been waiting for this movie since I read the book. If you haven't read the book, go to the used book store and une this time to read the story. Well worth the time. Just wish the movie would come sooner then later. Cap


Rook (13 years ago) Reply

I hope those shots are uncorrected because some of them are far too sunny. The literal gloominess of The Road is essential to its atmosphere.


woowoo (13 years ago) Reply

am guessing all that will be added in post-production. either way i am v excited as i finished the book a month ago and it was fantastic


arnold (13 years ago) Reply

The black guy with the knife is Omar from the Wire


AlJay (12 years ago) Reply

I've been waiting to see this movie ever since I heard it was being filmed in Conneaut Lake, PA. So, when will it be released in the Pittsburgh area?

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