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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.06.09] movie trailer news thriller mystery

So it appears that there's a hot new indie thriller in town that has managed to go virtually undetected by the film fan community and yet has been picking up awards all over the country. Directed by Judson Pearce Morgan and main actress Kelly Overton, the film is called The Collective and was shot quite beautifully on HD. Only 17 people have reviewed it from it's many festival screenings but it's already sitting at a 7.6 rating which is actually above average for most tightly budgeted fair.

In New York City it’s never easy to know what to believe. When Tyler Clarke gets a cryptic voice mail from her sister, she is left with no choice but to fly across the country to find out what has happened. But when she arrives, Jessica is nowhere to be found. Alone in an unfamiliar city, surrounded by strangers, Tyler has no choice but to trust these people who call themselves Jessica’s new friends. She slowly figures out that her sister has joined a group that call themselves “The Collective.” Jessica has given up the life she was living to be one of them. And now, in order to discover the truth, Tyler must delve into a world of darkness and lies, the underbelly of this spiritually depraved community living in a deconsecrated cathedral.

Luckily, the production has recently been in touch with us, so we should be able to bring you a review shortly. Until then you can check out the film's trailer after the break.

Official film site here

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will (13 years ago) Reply

this looks like every other cheap hollywood film, no plot, no substance, nothing. trailer does not even explain what film is about.bad name too.


Gaston Lagaffe (13 years ago) Reply

Typical copy-and-paste job of a press release parading as a review. The imdb rating is a result of a handful of anonymous votes (atandard tactic by producers trying to create buzz), "picking up awards all over the country" actually means two audience choise awards from obscure festivals (plus 2nd and 3rd place for editing), and the producer-provided synopsis reads like it was written by a high-school dropout.

All in all, another fine piece of shilling by the flunkies at Quiet Earth.

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