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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.07.09] movie news cyberpunk scifi

I've been eagerly awaiting any news from Touchstone Pictures' upcoming adaptation of Surrogates so the coming of a new, and quite complex, viral marketing site means there should be good news ahead for other fans waiting for info. The site (which has been perfectly timed to open on the eve of NY comic con no less) is for the fictitious company who produces "Surrogates" (basically your robotic counterpart), Virtual Self Industries.

On it you can upload an image of yourself and putz around with it to create your own surrogate. I did it but my Surrogate looked to alien-like to include in this post. Try if for yourself though. Surrogates is currently skedded to hit theaters in September.

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eva (12 years ago) Reply

how did you do it? every time i put in my birth date it says that im not allowed to


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

same happens to me :-(


sasha (10 years ago) Reply

wen i grow up i beacome the most greatest inventor of robotic

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