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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.03.09] post apocalyptic movie news comic

Well this is interesting news. The boys at Dread Central are reporting that Monsterfoot Productions, which is run by Frank Zappa's son, Ahmet Zappa, has picked up the film rights to the epic zombie comic "Minions of Ka". In case you don't remember, Minions was created by Mike Furno, Dave Wilbur and Michael Ahern and is quite the sprawling epic spin on the zombie mythos.

The Minions of Ka have commanded the undead for thousands of years. Their power has been used to create and destroy empires. In possession of this great power, The Catholic Church has their sights set on the throne of Charles II. An unnamed warrior for hire finds himself caught between the Church and the English Monarchy in one of the greatest conspiracies of all time.

You can check out the first issue on the Minion's official website

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Zombob (13 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting!!

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