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Christopher Webster [DVD News 01.28.09] post apocalyptic movie news scifi dvd steampunk dystopic

When I spoke with Mutant Chronicles director Simon Hunter back in November I got the distinct impression that, in the mad rush to finish his film, there were certain things about his final cut he would have liked to see changed. I asked Hunter if we would be seeing any new cuts of the film in the future and he wasn't sure. Well some interesting and exciting news just came my way this morning. It seems that Hunter is going back to the editing room, and hitting the sound mixing boards one more time to make his labor of love tighter, badder, and bigger. According to Magnolia Pictures, who are releasing the film, the new cut will be at least 11 minutes shorter. Says Hunter about the project:

"Magnolia have been really great in letting me go back to the cut and removing certain sections I did not like. This is a brand new cut NEVER before seen. I think with the huge rush of finishing the picture we needed a few weeks of screening the movie to audiences - there were always things I did not like in the cut but I have now been able to correct this. This cut is really the movie I want people to see - rough, fun, choppy and lots of b movie fun - try and check it out on HDNET this spring."

Magnolia will also be showing this version in selected digital cinemas as well as on DVD. I'm more pleased than ever that I bought The Mutant Chronicles on German DVD because it'll be fun to go back and see everything that Simon Changes. So the Mutant Chronicles saga continues...

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zenseeker (11 years ago) Reply

So it will be 11 minutes less shite, but it will still be shite non the less.


S (11 years ago) Reply

I did get the distinct feeling from it that it was a very sloppy edit.
Much of the film just didn't work and personally i think the end completely ruined it beyond recovery.
I love me some epic steampunk warfare but.. meh..


udokier (11 years ago) Reply

The flick was rubbish, no matter how you edit it. Don't get me wrong, I do love b movies, but this is a blockbuster wannabe with no budget and, worst of all, with a terrible script. Oh... and for god's sake, don't try to do a whole movie relying on compositing if you don't know how to do it.


Kevster (11 years ago) Reply

Unless they shorten it my about 90 minutes, I dont think its going to help much.


OLBERTFROG (11 years ago) Reply

I didnt know people disliked this movie that much espicialy people who visit the Quiet Earth.
Yes it has a lot of things that were not working but a lot more that did.
The cast is great, The visuals are totally awesome and there a lot of old scool effect (miniature, mattes, prosthethic).
Yes the Script, the rythm are not that good, the directing lacks a bit and you can feel a bit too much the green screen work.
I had great fun to watch a movie that is original and comes straight from comic books/rpg universe.
Too bad it gets such bad rap, producers will think twice before funding this type of movie.
Again i'm not saying it was awesome but i really like the effort.


bad dog (11 years ago) Reply

If people want to keep making movies like this, they should learn how to write scripts and direct film.

Such great acting talent, such great special effects, such an interesting premise and setting, all wasted on a horrifically bad script that made virtually no sense.

Get. A. Good. Script. Seriously.


Obnoxia (11 years ago) Reply

I watched this film, then watched the making of the film in the special features and felt sorry for the crew and actors, surely they must have had some doubts,"emperors new clothes" syndrome?

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