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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.21.09] movie news scifi horror thriller

Since reporting on his cool looking scifi thriller Cargo about a week back, Swiss director Ivan Engler has been in touch to let us know exactly where the film's at in terms of production and to drop the first official still and a VFX shot from the film into our laps.

According to Engler the film has been shot and completely edited and is currently in a heavy round of visual FX post-production. Cinematographer Ralph Baetschmann has apparently done a killer job in making the film look stunning despite the budget constraints and Engler is "stunned by the quality of our VFX crew." Just check out the shot after the break at you'll get a sense of the scale these guys are getting. Awesome awesome work.

With any luck we'll have a trailer for you in the near future but until then you can check out the stills after the break.

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louis savy (13 years ago) Reply

Be great if it was ready by my festival at the end of April

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