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quietearth [Film Festival 01.16.09] movie news drama

Another fantastic looking premier at Berlinale is Peter Strickland's Katalin Varga, and the whole tale seems to have something to do with both revenge and redemption. This is not our usual fare with it's old world style, but the photography, eerie sound, and possibility of something profound make it worth a post.

Antal Borlan's loving wife would never even suspect that her devoted and kind husband is responsible for a past atrocity. Antal believes he has felt God's forgiveness and that his enduring marriage is testament to his redemption. An avenging angel by the name of Katalin Varga scales the Carpathian Mountains by horse and is in possession of the one thing that can redefine Antal's notion of redemption. Yet Katalin cannot fully comprehend the notion of vengeance until the devastating trail she leaves behind in her search for Antal finally catches up with her.

Trailer after the break.

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