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quietearth [Celluloid 01.11.09] movie news drama

We're a little late on this as it ran the fest circuit last year and just got a theatrical release in France, but this French-speaking film out of Canada surely deserves more attention. It has to do the remains of suicide from a group of friends, mostly from the point of view of the main character Josh. You'll probably notice a hint of Gus Van Sant which is what really caught my eye.

Josh is an ordinary teen living in an ordinary suburb, wedged between the high school, the mine and the skate park. One morning, he finds his friend Thomas's dead body. Next, he discovers that three more friends also killed themselves, leaving him out of their pact. As the sole survivor, Josh becomes more and more detached from the world around him. Only Mia, his best friend's girl, can reach him. With more questions than answers, Josh's is the story of a survivor. It is a modern portrait of today's teens: invincible yet fragile, clear-thinking yet confused, idealistic yet jaded.

Trailer after the break.

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rcdude (13 years ago) Reply

Ha, when Iread the desription Gus Van Sant already poped into my mind. XD

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