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quietearth [Celluloid 01.07.09] movie news drama

One film I've been keeping my eye on for months now is Duane Hopkins Better Things, a drama of love, loss, age, and drugs. Having premiered at last years Cannes, the film received some mixed reviews, but with Hopkins striking visual style and the reported slide show like rhythm, I am greatly looking forward to this. It's dropping in the UK on January 23rd, and our lucky London correspondent Ben Austwick will be bringing us a review.

Gail’s agoraphobia keeps her inside where she escapes into romance novels. She shares a house with her Nan, recently back from the hospital. Gradually, they both try to reach out to each other to break their isolation. Rob plunges further into his addiction as a way of numbing his heartbreak over the death of his girlfriend. In his stupor, he dreams of embracing her again. Mr & Mrs Gladwin are going through a shift in their 60 year relationship. Years of resentment and unspoken truths have built a barrier between them that Mrs Gladwin, in her abiding love, tries to erode in little gestures.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

saw this film in Newcastle....absolutely loved it. It's striking, emotional and memorable. The journey is unlike any other from a recent film.

Well worth the viewing, and well done to Duanne and Samm.


Ranv (13 years ago) Reply

Death, loss, and so much less! After a hour of this I was begging to see credits roll...

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