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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.03.09] movie trailer news comedy

Move over Christopher Guest because there are a couple of new kings about to be crowned rulers of your Mockumentary domain. Their names are Andy Bowser and Joseph M. Petrick and their debut film about an aspiring inventor called The Mother of Invention looks epically funny.

Vincent Dooly is an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning an annual inventing award. There's only one problem... he's never made anything that's worked. Now, it's the last year he can enter and he has some stiff competition from Martin Wooderson, the smug wunderkind who has a long history of winning. But this time, Vincent has a plan... and it just might change everything.

Doesn't the story remind you of the ongoing Futurama battle between Professor Farnworth and Professor Wornstrom? The trailer actually dropped online last week but again, I passed it by due to too much holiday cheer. Not entirely sure who sprung it on us first but thanks to the lads at Trailer Addict we got it for you after the break.

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