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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.30.08] movie trailer news horror

Pal Oie, director of the 2003 Norwegian horror flick Dark Woods, looks to be back in fine form with Skjult (Hidden), another twisted and atmospheric psychological shocker that takes place in, well, the dark woods.

Kai Knutsen fled through the woods from his crazed mother 20 years ago. Now the woman he hated more than anything on earth is dead, and he has inherited the house in the forest. It has a cruel secret.

Not the most revealing synopsis I know but thanks to 24fps, who discovered that the trailer had dropped, we've at least got footage that's oozing with well lensed weirdness. You can watch it after the break or view it in hi def here.

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quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

now that looks good!


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

realy looking forward to this!

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