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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.30.08] post apocalyptic news book

I've been reading a fair bit about David Oppegaard's new PA novel "The Suicide Collectors" since its release in December and the more I read the more I'm becoming intrigued. For one thing, it's been called a cross between "paperback sci-fi and Cormac McCarthy's The Road" (Kirkus Reviews) which is high praise to these eyes but I'm also intrigued by the book's original approach to the PA genre.

On first glance, the plot seems to read like the novelization of M Night Shyamalan's The Happening where a worldwide plague called "The Despair" is making people commit suicide en mass. Recently, Oppegaard sat down with writer/editor John Joseph Adams (whose massive zombie tome "The Living Dead" I'm still working through for review btw) to discuss his original approach:

"I didn't want to deal with your average apocalypse (viral plague, nuclear war, zombies, etc.), After racking my brains for a couple of weeks, I came up with the idea of a plague that was literally self-inflicted, or a plague of suicide. There have been several reported cases of suicide epidemics throughout history; I just took the idea of a worldwide suicide epidemic and ran with it."

"I tried to make it as near-future as possible to give the reader the sense that a suicide plague could happen at any time, that we could wake up to such a plague tomorrow."

The book's title refers to a vulture-like group of people called "The Collectors," who appear to remove the bodies of the suicide dead. For more info on "The Suicide Collectors" check out David Oppegaard's website.

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Rob B (13 years ago) Reply

I just finished The Suicide Collectors and enjoyed it. Allthough it was no where near as good as The Road, it was on par with some other Pa novels such as A Canticle for Leibowitz and Earth Abides. I highly reccomend it for Pa enthusiests

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