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quietearth [Film Festival 12.28.08] movie news comedy drama

While not a fan of Giamatti (specifically because films seem to be tailored to him), he is the starrer behind Sophie Barthes directorial debut Cold Souls. The story revolves around Giamatti, who as an actor, decides to explore soul extraction during an existential crisis as a relief from the burdens of daily life. Sounds interesting? Yup, and the stills look even better. Once again I have to say I'm wary when major known actors get play at fests like Sundance, but given the subject matter and pictures it might just be worth it.

Check out the stills after the break, courtesy of FirstShowing.

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Killcrop (14 years ago) Reply

Can't wait...I dig his work...he's a genre fan and one of the better actors in a long time...come on..he's not your typical model turned actor A-Hole...he loves this kinda stuff (can't wait to see him in Bubba Nosferatu)...all the best to him in this one..too early to say but it looks like it's gonna be awesome.


agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

This looks great, and sounds unique, like a cross between Eternal Sunshine and I Heart Huckabees or something.

I like Giamatti. He's a character actor for sure but he plays a great shlub (which it looks like he playing here) so it should work.


Chris (14 years ago) Reply

Giamatti is one of the best. He always rises above the material he has to work with so really looking forward to this film!

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