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Last time we saw the crew of the Battlestar Glalactica, they had just discovered a dead Earth scorched by nuclear war. That was a long bloody time ago and as January 16th looms ever closer I find myself getting more and more excited to finally see the conclusion of one if the best scifi shows in history. Until then though, we've got The Face of the Enemy, a new webseries that begins where season four left off.

Lieutenant Gaeta is sent off in a raptor with a handful of strangers when one of them mysteriously dies. The psychological human vs. Cylon struggle ensues in the restrictive confines of a raptor as everyone is a suspect and paranoia sets in among the group. One by one more passengers die under puzzling circumstances and those remaining must ask themselves if a Cylon is responsible for the deaths, or if it is one of their own — a human.

You can watch the episodes here. Because I'm in Canada eh I can't watch it yet ugh.

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wa5 (13 years ago) Reply

doesnt work in OZ either :(


Kevin (13 years ago) Reply

Dont worry fellow foreigners, you can watch it Utubes like me.

Part 1:


Mack (13 years ago) Reply

Not to steal thunder away from you folk but the folks at SciFi gave us at Twitch a proper file for the second ep after I wrote them about that HULU crap. Hey, it if is 'so say we all' then it should also be, 'so watch us all'. There is a program that will mask your ISP so you can watch that first ep on HULU. Please check out our first posting related to these webbys. Then, COME RIGHT BACK HERE cause these guys rule like lords.

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