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quietearth [Celluloid 12.13.08] movie news drama

Finally there's a trailer available for Lance Daly's fantastic looking romp about 2 kids who run away from home to Dublin, and if our own cyberhal's review is any indication, I really can't wait to see this.

On the fringes of Dublin, Kylie and Dylan live in a suburban housing estate devoid of life, colour and prospects of escape. Following a violent altercation with his father, Dylan decides to run away from home with Kylie. Together, they embark to the magical nighttime lights of inner-city Dublin to search for Dylan's brother, and the possibility of a new life. As the night wears on, however, the two kids must somehow survive the darker side of Dublin.

Trailer after the break or watch the high-rez version at the official website.

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rcdude (13 years ago) Reply

Yarg, you guys feature some good looking movies a lot. XD It looks good. Something that would be good for a young adult novel or something


Melanie (13 years ago) Reply

This movie was spectacular! I recommend it to everyone!

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