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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.12.08] movie trailer apocalyptic news

It would be a stretch to say we were "greatly anticipating" Alex Proyas' new apocalyptic thriller, Knowing, but I will admit to being intrigued enough to be looking forward to it on a mild level. I've certainly never been much for Nic Cage (Ghost Rider anyone?) but it seems he's playing down his annoying Elvis fetish enough in this to not be totally distracting.

The new trailer that dropped today, and which is embedded after the break, might seem similar to the first one but it actually introduces a new layer to the film's plot. It seems that there is more to the story than just one girl's prediction of the greatest disaster in the world's history. A group of creepy albinos may hold the key to the riddle.

Curious what you guys think. Intrigued enough by the premise to want to check it out?

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billy (12 years ago) Reply

I wanna see it. I saw one of the sets in Melbourne Australia, several months back. Parliament House was all covered in wreckage.


quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

Ugh.. I hate Cage, but it's Alex Proyas so I'll watch it.. it'll probably suck though.


Michael Zombie Diaries (12 years ago) Reply

Cool, although what is with the HEROES titling hehe?

Story looks good. Saw Cage and thought I probably wouldn't see it, but then saw it is by the director of I, Robot and decided I will.

I have a funny sixth sense it will be a let down, so I'm going to go in with my expectations low and hopefully I'll be impressed. Not sure about the albino stuff though - wuld prefer it if it were just the basic plot we had before.


Olivier (12 years ago) Reply

Some scenes look pretty good, but, yeah it will probaly suck either way.


trogen (12 years ago) Reply

Faceoff anyone?!?!?! Cage was great in that! The trailer was OK, didn't draw me in that much though. Can imagine this being a DVD purchase.

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