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quietearth [Celluloid 12.11.08] movie news horror

Dark Sky is marketing this as "for fans of films like Eraserhead, El Topo, and Vampyr" which is a pretty tall order. While it's got a pretty high rating on IMDB, I'm still not sure with the little footage I've seen although it certainly warrants a post. The film won a couple awards at the 1972 Sitges film fest, and now it's coming to R1 DVD on March 31st, but unfortunately there's no pre-order available yet.

Karl Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrusinsky) works at a stately crematorium in Prague. Obsessed with his duties, he believes he is liberating the souls of the departed. With Nazi forces gathering at the Czech border, Karl descends into a mania that allows him to wholly enact his disturbed beliefs. No one is safe from his quest for salvation, not even his own family. Equal parts black comedy and horror film, The Cremator is a stunning example of the Czech New Wave movement, gliding effortlessly between Surrealism and Expressionism.

Trailer after the break.

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