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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.10.08] movie news scifi horror

We just found out about an insane looking new scifi horror film that's set to start lensing in February '09 called Dementamania. A kafka-esque story of violence and listening to the dark hallucinations of our unconscious mind, Dementamania was written by newcomer Anis Shlewet and will be directed by Kit Ryan of Botched fame. Here's a brief synopsis:

A successful young software engineer is bitten by a weird-looking bug in his apartment at breakfast one morning and by the end of day is trapped in a mad world of violent hallucinations.

Bitten by a weird bug? Sounds deliciously trippy no? It also sounds vaguely Gilliamesque but I doubt it'll end up going that direction. This one's definitely staying high on the QE radar.

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