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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.11.08] zombies movie trailer news horror

When Quiet Earth reader, Kaiju expert, and PA enthusiast Avery drops you a line that simply says 'ZOMBIES!!' you perk up and pay attention no matter what time it is or how many glasses of Macallan single malt you're down. If you didn't already guess it from the title, Paris by Night of the Living Dead is a French zombie film that's being produced by Bach Films and which has been in the can for over a year.

After the break we've got a wicked little promo reel for the film. Even though it tells us hardly anything about the storyline, it's chalk full of just enough martial arts mayhem and gory zombie butt kicking to make it totally worthwhile...hold on... just back from a quick chat with quietearth. It seems we've already been in contact with the production on this one (why am I not surprised?) so hopefully there's a trailer in our future.

Oh yeah, and I guess there's a 15 minute behind the scenes featurette worth checking out.

Check out the film's Official Myspace Page

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Billy (13 years ago) Reply

Alright, another movie to keep an eye out for.


Pat (13 years ago) Reply

the samurai action was awesome. shame bout the lame static shots with the uzi...that ruined the uzi action for me.


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

*Is excited*


jasper (13 years ago) Reply

french zombies!


ljedi (13 years ago) Reply

I liked seeing Mr. Bean get stabbed through the eye with the uzi.


Paul (13 years ago) Reply

That. Looks. Fantastic.

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