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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.04.08] movie trailer horror

Inspired by watching endless behind the scenes stuff about the filming of Easy Rider and The Hills Have Eyes, director Lola Wallace shot The Trek in a total of just five days and with no script. Say What? And it looks this well done? Well, you know what they say, a good trailer can sell anything, but there's an undeniable creative energy here that I'm drawn to. Oh yeah, and the make-up FX are pretty well done too.

When Keith and Kim Russell head into the mountains on an adventure packed honeymoon, they find much more action than they were expecting. When the newlyweds stumble upon a pair of cave dwelling savages, their romantic getaway quickly becomes a tragic nightmare as each couple tests the limits of how far they are willing to go in order to protect the ones that they love.

Thanks to Quiet Earth member mistressofmacabre, we now know that The Trek is getting some theatre play starting December 5th (showtimes). Currently, Lola Wallace is lensing her next film, Halfway to Hell, with writer/actor Josh Cornell for release in 2009.

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Bob Doto (14 years ago) Reply

This looks rad.


Rolli (13 years ago) Reply

For a Fanmovie... it looks great.
Greetings from Germany.:)

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